Tahoe Jerky Company

Tahoe Jerky Company was started in November 2020 after years of making Jerky as a side business, Jeff decided it was time to go for his dreams.


Tahoe jerky was started by Jeff and Shellie in November 2020.

Jeff is a Veteran and worked in Restaurant development for years while enjoying a vast amount of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking and a former Rodeo clown and bullfighter gave him the adrenaline he craved.

Shellie has been in the banking and finance realm for 20+ years and is an avide snowboarder and hiker who enjoys exploring beyond the boarders to other countries.

Together they are grandparents, pet owners and enjoy being competitive against each other weather its pitchin cornhole bags or playing cards. It's there hope that you enjoy the outdoors and what has been made and provided for us, and bring alond some of there Gourmet Brisket Jerky and Snacks from South Lake Tahoe.